ProtFract Facilities for Protein Exterior Studies

Requirement: Uploaded file should be in PDB format. (If the file is in .pdb1 format, kindly change the extension to .pdb before submitting)

Note: The submitted query might not have to be comprised of only the surface atoms, ProtFract will work out the Accessible Surface Area(ASA) and Molecular Surface Area(MSA); before evaluating the fractal dimensions.

ProtFract exterior results include:

  • Quantification of surface roughness of the stretch of protein surface under consideration
  • Information regarding correlation dimensions amongst surface atoms for varying probe radii

  • If you want a particular surface patch to be analysed, enter a space separated list of residues
    eg. "A:123 A:124 A:125 A:144"

    It might take a little while to process the query (depending upon the size of PDB file).