Fractal Dimension and Proteins

Several protein properties embody symmetry of self-similarity. Symmetries observed in crystalline structures can be described with translations, rotations, and reflections; symmetry of self-similarity, on the other hand, manifests itself through scale invariance. Self-similar forms are composed of subunits that resemble the overall object. Many natural structures in nature - the branching trees, crinkly coastlines, mountain surfaces - demonstrate self-similarity[1]. If the Hausdorff dimension[2] of a self-similar object is found to be greater than its topological dimension, the object is called a fractal-object. What makes this information relevant in the field of Bioinformatics is the fact the several works of last three decades have established that proteins are fractal-objects.

Protein surfaces are fractal[3]. Mass [4, 5], hydrophobicity and polarizability distribution of protein interior are fractal. Many other protein properties (main-chain connectivity profile, potential energy profile, dipole moment distribution etc. [6, and references therein]) - are fractal too. However, a computational resource that calculates fractal properties of protein interior and exterior - is (apparently) impossible to find.

ProtFract, the free online server, calculates the fractal dimension of many of the protein properties enlisted above.


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